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Best Polynesian Tattoos

The Rock has two tattoos. One is a modern single design on his right upper arm of a bull. However, his second tattoo was a departure from modern tattoo design, being a traditional Samoan style of tattoo all over his left shoulder.The use of shells in the Polynesian Designs represent wealth. The shells were often used as currency in these islands and are considered symbolically important in order to bring wealth into one's homes.
The bull head tattoo on Johnson’s right arm corresponds to his Western zodiac birth sign of Taurus, the Bull. The tattoo is a long-horn type of steer and is a fairly straightforward outline style of design.

Polynesian tattoo symbols are almost similar, from the ancient times till now.For polynesians tattooing is a strength,royality and courage.These designs are very spiritual, and magical, they are for protection to a people, or for a tribe, by the gods themselves.In today’s generation Polynesia tattoo symbols are symbols of uniqueness, and fashion, and they have become very famous among body art lovers.

Dwayne has two tatoos, one on his right arm of a Brahma Bull that represents his sign of the zodiac which is Taurus the Bull and also he has an affinity for bulls. His next tattoo extends from his left shoulder, shoulder blade, and midway his left arm. It is a Polynesian tattoo (basically Marquesan) that he had done in Hawaii sometime in February of 2003 by Po’oino Yrondi – a famous Tahitian tattooist.Polynesian style tattoos are powerful images that draw inspiration from the Polynesian islands.

Their deep and rich history provides suitable inspiration for these types of tattoos. The Polynesian designs are similar to the tribal tattoos and are often compared to them. The difference lies in the use of figures between the two designs.One can opt for a realistic tiki or a customized one with a lot of stylish designs that are based on abstract or geometric patterns used in Polynesian designs.

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