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New Look Feminine Ankle Tattoos

New Look Feminine Ankle Tattoos

Feminine Ankle Tattoo Designs
I think that cute small tattoo designs on the wrist, ankle or foot are the hottest thing for a woman to get inked! I can not tell you how many times I have gotten scorned for looking at some woman’s ankle design and accused of checking out her legs. I was only trying admire the artwork on an ankle or foot. I try to talk my female friends to get one in these locations when they ask for my help. Most of them agreed and are proud of their choice of their new cute feminine tattoo.
Feminine Ankle Tattoo Designs

Girly tattoo designs choices for these locations include butterfly, star, heart, flower or perhaps a cute and sexy bracelet design.

A Japanese inspired design would also be a great choice for an exotic mysterious look. Tribal or a wrap around design would also be awesome.

The wrap will force people to change their view to get a look at the other side and perhaps get into trouble. A tip for guys would be to just ask to check it out. Be safe and not creepy. Most times they will be more than happy to show it off. This is also a good way to meet new friends.

Feminine Ankle Tattoo Designs
Anyone getting inked on the ankle, foot, or wrist should be ready for a bit of pain especially females and girls. This is one of those areas that have little natural fat or padding. If you are worried about this just start out with a small tattoo design. A cute one that will be done and over very quickly just in case you find it too painful. For most people the worry about the pain is worse than pain itself. Take a friend to talk to for support and to kill the time. I have had my hand squeezed numb a few times in this support role.

Feminine Ankle Tattoos
Cute girly feminine tattoos on the ankle, foot or wrist can very easily hidden for a job or when ever you do not want the attention they can sometimes bring. There are many ideas for these locations but only the individual can choose the ideal one for your happiness. Choose the best design that expresses your personality and that you are prepared to live with for the rest of your life. Get some help from good friends and family to choose your cute feminine design but ultimately it is up to you to choose.

To make sure you do not see others with the same tattoo as your only use the best high quality online galleries for the freshest new design choices.

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