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Dragon Tattoos – Unique Design Ideas, Pictures and Meaning

The word “Dragon” (from Greek) is a description of the red or yellow shiny and the spark in the eyes of the creature. Dragon tattoos can include various colors; it depends on the creativity and the desire of the designer.
Dragon tattoos – A design for the back shoulderDragon tattoos - arm designDragon tattoos - on the back with tribal

The meaning of dragon tattoos from east to west

Dragons tattoos have several meanings and they change from country to country. In the western culture they are known to be fearsome and strong. One more reason for the respect they are getting.
Dragon Tattoos - green dragonDragon Tattoos – Designs, pictures and ideasDragon Tattoos – Great arm designs, pictures and ideas

In the East they hold the symbol of the protectors for imperial families. Dragons are also associated with: Wisdom, Heaven, Fortune and more.
The influence of the eastern culture on dragon tattoos was quite significant; you can clearly notice the eastern touch in the designs.
Sexy dragon tattoos - on a girl’s backDragon tattoos – An upper back designDragon tattoos - Another sexy lower back

Dragon Tattoos – Special Tattoo Designs, Top Galleries and Ideas

You can find great designs of dragon tattoos all over the internet. There are free galleries with tattoo pictures and membership galleries with thousands of professional design.

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