Jumat, 30 Mei 2008

Domino's Techno Chicken - The Music Video

Love the ad? Well get into this 2 minute video. Go here:


and get an unbranded ringtone for FREE at dominos.com.au when you order BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizza. I love my mine!!!

Yeah this techno chicken rocks :)

The Baby-Jumping Festival In Colacho

We’re not joking, the Baby-jumping Colacho Festival is a real annual event celebrated all over Spain since the 1620s. It consists of grown men dressed as the Devil leaping over helpless babies. Why do they do this? They represent the devils that, when they jump, they take all the evil with them leaving the babies clean of evil. Here is a snapshot of one of the weirdest religious traditions

The Skeleton Church

The Sedlec Ossuary ( Kostnice Sedlec) is a Roman Catholic Church in Sedlec, The Czech Republic, famous for its unusual, organic decorations.

Unlike other churches that like to use religious paintings and religious jewelery as decorations, this one uses between 40,000 and 70,000 human bone. Built especially as an ossuary in 1400, the macabre decorating started in 1870 when the Schwarzenberg family hired a woodcarver to arrange all the heaps of bones in order. You can see the result in the photos, but just so u know, there are 4 giant bell-shaped mounds in each corner of the chapel, an enormous chandelier which contains at least one of every bone in one’s body in the center of the chapel, and a signature of the artist, executed in bone, of course, and other “works of art”.

It is unknown if the cathedral needs mortgage bonds. They have so many bones in residence it seams like they could vouch for the cathedral.

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